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Whether you’re interested in advancing in your current field or developing a new business idea from the ground up, Colorado Technical University's 主 of Science in 管理 degree program is designed to provide the opportunity to learn 技能 和 knowledge for today’s global business environment. To help meet the evolving needs of a new generation of 领导 professionals, CTU’s 主 of Science in 管理 degree builds on a core foundation of industry-relevant management 概念 和 practices. By choosing from one of five areas of concentration, students are able to tailor their curriculum to meet individual job responsibilities 和/or 组织需求.

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Effective February 2023, this program is no longer available for future enrollments at the Aurora Campus.

The 主 of Science in 管理 (MSM) is a 48-credit-hour program offered Online 和 at the Colorado campuses. The program includes 28 credit hours of core management 课程 和 20 credit hours dedicated to either a concentration or electives of the student’s choosing.

This program focuses on the mission 和 vision of organizations 和 intellectual assets. The program architecture consists of re搜索 methods, 领导, managerial decision-making, 和 operations management integrated with a solid practical re搜索 foundation. Building on this program core, the student can tailor the degree program to meet individual job responsibilities, 组织需求, 职业目标. 学生 in this program may not be required to take accounting, finance, or economics 课程.


This program does not lead to additional licensure or certification.  像这样, CTU has made no determination regarding prerequisites for licensure or certification in any state or jurisdiction.

The mission of the College of 业务 和 管理 is to offer professional market-driven business degrees that build business competencies transferrable to all industries. The College of 业务 和 管理 accomplishes this mission by offering curriculum that aligns to industry st和ards, 仍然是相关的, 和 builds practical 技能 applicable to the competitive global business environment.

9th 连续一年, CTU's 主 of Science in 管理 degree programs are ranked among the Best Online 主's in 业务 Programs (excluding MBA) by U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道.*

* CTU programs are ranked among U.S. 新闻 & 世界报告 2024 最佳Online课程.


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核心课程: 学分
FINC615 Applied Managerial Finance 4
IT600 IT管理 4
INTD670 领导 和 Ethical Decision-Making 4
MGMT607 Organizational Behavior in a Socio-technical Environment 4
MGMT690 Strategic 管理 in Dynamic Environments 4
MKTG630 Applied Managerial Marketing 4
PJM600 项目管理 Fundamentals 4
总学时: 28
课程: Concentration 学分
MGMT659 管理顶点 4
Select 16 credit hours of 业务 和 管理 课程 from the list below 16
总学时: 20
课程 - Concentration Choices 学分
ACCT614 Applied Managerial 会计 4
ECON616 Applied Managerial Economics 4
ENTR605 Integrated Marketing for Entrepreneurs 4
FINC600 Financial Statement Analysis 4
HCM612 Managing the 医疗保健 Organization 4
HRMT620 Strategic Human Capital 管理 4
HRMT645 Operational Human Resource 管理 4
MGMT640 运营管理 4
MGMT671 Introduction to Organizational 领导 和 Change 4
MGMT673 Foundation of Organizational Design 4
MKTG638 International Marketing 4

总学时: 48



MSM Program 学习成果

  1. Lead, communicate 和 direct technical business initiatives 和 day-to-day operations
  2. Analyze, develop, 和 implement strategies for improving business 流程 和 operations
  3. Integrate Re搜索 和 Development, marketing, production, 和 finance strategies
  4. 应用 project management practices to projects 和 initiatives


Catherine McBride, DBA

Catherine McBride, DBA

Executive Program Director

Dr. Catherine McBride has been 在反恐组 since January 2021, serving as an Executive Program Director for the College of 业务 和 管理. Catherine has been in higher education for 22 years, with 18 years of Online education experience across a variety of institutions in varying capacities but always serving non-traditional learners.

Dr. 大卫Gliddon

Dr. 大卫Gliddon

Executive Program Director

Dr. Gliddon is an Executive Program Director in the College of 业务 和 管理. In previous roles 在反恐组, he was a Program Chair 和 Lead 教师. He has taught over 20 课程 in the undergraduate, MBA, 和 doctoral programs. He has provided service to the university on a number of committees 和 special projects.

Admission Requirements


The 16 credits of 600 level 业务 和 管理 Electives must be approved by the chair or dean of management at the campus where the degree is being offered.

认证评估 和 比对

This program is not accredited by the 认证 Council for 业务 Schools 和 Programs (ACBSP).


比较 up to 三个 额外的度


CTU’s 主 of Science in 管理 (MSM) Degree Program is designed to provide knowledge, 技能, 和 abilities relevant for pursuing potential opportunities in the workforce. This management degree program emphasizes the mission 和 vision of organizations 和 intellectual assets.

As you work to complete your MSM, you will be immersed in 课程 where you will study these topics 和 much more: re搜索 methods, 领导, managerial decision-making, 和 operations management integrated with a solid practical re搜索 foundation.

课程 for the 主 of Science in 管理 start Online 在我们的 科罗拉多斯普林斯 campus approximately every five weeks. Completion of the CTU admissions process will depend on how quickly you complete the steps in the CTU Online application process. You may complete the application process over the phone with an advisor or you may go Online. Once you’ve completed the Online application, you may hear from an advisor within the following 24 hours to discuss the next steps toward starting your degree program. 主’s programs may have additional entrance requirements that take additional processing time.

The 主 of Science in 管理 degree program consists of 48 credits. You may be eligible for transfer credit, which is evaluated on an individual basis. Not all credits are eligible to transfer.

As you study topics in management that are always being evaluated 和 updated to reflect industry-relevant trends, you will experience a curriculum through classroom learning 和 h和s-on experience that aligns to industry st和ards 和 helps you work to develop 技能 that are applicable to the competitive global business environment.

The 主 of Science in 管理 degree program 在反恐组 is in alignment with the professional st和ards of the American 管理 Association 课程.

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